Math Enrichment

After numerous requests by parents, Smart Kids Time learning center proudly presents its long-awaited Math Enrichment program!!!

Using materials of the World-Class Mathematics program, ORIGO Education, Finalist for the 2013 AEP Awards for Educational Excellence, presented by superior instructors with traditional European education and global teaching experience and recognition, this program offers a unique opportunity for anyone who values quality education for early age groups.

Two age groups: 6-7 years olds and 8-9 years olds. In these classes children will enhance their current knowledge, understanding and use of arithmetic, counting, shapes, patterns, word problems. Most fundamental and essential concepts of early Mathematics and Logic will be introduced to children via number games, use of technology and traditional instructional methods.

These classes are designed to:

– Develop powerful mental computational skills
– Build solid mathematical foundation
– Develop number sense
– Develop problem solving abilities
– Introduce, reinforce, practice and extend addition, subtraction, multiplication and division activities
– Develop accuracy and speed
– Introduce and enhance critical thinking skills
– Enrich general knowledge
– Increase social interaction
– Promote confidence and self-esteem

Groups will be kept to small size (5 to 8 children maximum) to allow for maximum student-teacher interaction, personalized approach and teaching efficiency.

Cost to attend a class/workshop 15$. Should be pre-paid monthly, number of sessions that month x $15

Classes are currently offered every Sundays 10:00-11:00 (6-7 years olds) and 11:00 p.m.- 12:00 p.m. 8-9 years olds) by appointment.

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