About us

Who are we?

Smart Kids Time is a family-owned business serving children and parents of San Diego area.

Our family consists of four people: the husband- a teacher with technology education, the wife – Master of Economics, nine-year old daughter – a talented and capable girl, an excellent student, who sings in the San Diego Children’s Choir and plays flute in San Diego Young Artist Symphony, a three-year old son, a cheerful, friendly and a very active boy.

Why did we open this learning center for children?

Our children were born and raised in Russia, our daughter received a European education. The boy spent first two years of his life in Russia. No doubt that San Diego is a beautiful sunny city that offers a lot of interesting places to visit with kids.

We were, however, unable to find a children’s club, in which our children, except for the emotional experience, would be able to obtain systematic knowledge, increase their erudition, enhance their talents and abilities.

In most children’s fun centers, children simply play while their parents relax.

When our children attend classes or workshops, on the other hand, there is nothing for parents to do while waiting for their children.

In creating Smart Kids Time we wanted to combine the opportunity for parents to relax, for children to have fun and to learn while playing all in one place.

Is it possible to make one place comfortable for parents and attractive to children?

Of course, we should consider everyone’s wishes.

In our center we give the parents the chance, as is customary in most indoor centers, to relax over a cup of coffee, tea or juice, a light snack.

Our room has air-conditioning, Wi-Fi service and comfortable seating. In addition, we offer board games, crafts workshops for the whole family to enjoy.

Our center is a great place to meet people and make new friends, where you can have a pleasant conversation while children are playing or learning new things.

Close and convenient location of major stores will allow you to relax after attending stores and reward your child for patient shopping with exciting and fun activities with their peers and ice cream.

If your child, for whatever reason, cannot join an educational program, we are happy to offer a play area, where he or she will have a great time playing on their own. If you want to make a keepsake souvenir, or desire to create a small masterpiece together with your child – please attend our crafts workshop. You can also simply stop by for a cup of coffee, we would be happy to offer your child free drawing materials and books.

Our priorities are:


Parents can see everything that is happening with their children, watching from the elevated position, and have the opportunity to join in at any time, help the child, or play along.

The Educational Value

Classes are conducted in a game-like atmosphere for better absorption of the material. The child is encouraged to gain knowledge, to participate, play and learn new things with their friends.


In the classroom, we use the new breakthrough Smart Board technology

The Festive Mood

Our teachers are not dressed in a boring everyday clothes.

We want to bring a festive mood, create a great memorable experience for your child.

Therefore, for our characters we chose everyone’s favorites – the pirates.

How Are We Unique?

We combine entertainment and education.

Your child will think that he or she plays a pirate game.

In fact, he or she is learning. But this is our secret!

Our classes are held every hour, without interruption.

Anytime during the shopping mall’s business hours you will be able to join our activities.

Each lesson is unique!

Every day, new topics are introduced.

Even if visiting us on daily basis, your child will be gaining new knowledge.

We have a wide range of activities for your child.

This will help you understand what your baby’s talents, desires and abilities are.

Upon discovering these talents, you will be able to enrich your child in the area that best suits him.

We try to be considerate of everyone who visits us, it will be interesting and enriching to all.

Our foremost desire is to progress and develop, following your wishes.

If you feel we are missing something, or if you come up with a new interesting idea, we will find the opportunity to bring your ideas to reality and make your visits to our center a reflection of your wishes.

Do we have the experience?

Yes, of course. To start such an undertaking, one needs essential skills, knowledge and clear guidelines.

In 2006, we have successfully opened our first educational business project for children and parents in St. Petersburg, the largest scientific and educational city and the cultural center of Russia.

For the period of five years our Club has organized and conducted educational and entertainment events for families with children.

Club has regularly conducted various themed events in different city areas in major venues. The main purpose of these events was not only entertainment for children and their parents but also education.

Each event was a unique concept: seminars, conferences, master classes, joint field trips and family parties in restaurants. Today, our goal is to take the best from our European experience, consider all the new details and opportunities and create a great business