What Other Parents Have To Say

wonderful place. inside the wall very accommodating owners. I heard about this place from Russian community in town. They offer wonderful lessons especially if you are Russian. But, even if you are not, you should check their classes or “drop and shop” opportunity.

— marina v.

Had our daughter’s fourth birthday celebration at Smart Kids Time. We had looked at few other places, but this place had the best value for the money – a pirate who entertained the kids with games, stories, magic tricks etc. Jumper house was a big plus – all the kids loved it. The staff was very attentive and flexible with us, even with last minute changes on our side. Kids did not want to leave the place, but with some complementary ice cream and a promise to return soon everyone was happy!

— Amanda

Let me start by saying that I don’t usually write reviews but after visiting Smart Kids Time I just wanted to share how awesome this place! I went there with my 17 months old daughter and we had a blast!!!! I didn’t even notice how 3 hours that we spent there passed by. It is a perfect place for kids (and their parents/ caregivers) to socialize, play with a wide variety of toys and wear their energy out in a bounce house. I loved that place so much that I decided to celebrate my daughter’s half birthday there. Everyone who came to the party was so please with the outcome that it’s been decided that all of our kids’ parties will be held at Smart Kids Time. The owner kept the kids entertained through out the whole celebration, giving the parents some free time to relax. They have everything you’ll possibly need for a kid’s party – tableware, decorations, snacks, magic tricks, a balloonist, music, games, treasure box for party favors, etc. (and it’s all under one roof for a small price!). All other places charge about $10 for your kid to play, while this play will cost you only $10. All toys are clean and look brand new. I also noticed that the place is very well designed and kids of different ages can play without being in each others way. As I mentioned, there are a lot of developmental/ interactive toys that will help your child learn and play at the same time but there is one that will leave you speechless-a smart board. Definitely stop by to check it out! While using it, your kids will have fun not even realizing that they are learning the principles of math, colors, letters, etc. This place is absolutely amazing! We go there at least once a week (despite the 30 minute drive from where we live, it is well worth it!). I truly believe that if your kid plays there once, it’s going to be so much fun, that you’ll be back in no time!

— Anna G.

I have a 5 years old son and 8 years daughter. We were doing shopping in the mall, saw this place and decided to come in. My children absolutely loved it!!! There are so many toys and slides and cartoons. I could also have a relax time and drink some coffee there. There is a teacher there who played educational games and kids got ice cream for doing a good job. It’s like a paradise and only for 10$! I definitely recommend this place to my friends.

— Irina H.

Visited Smart Kids Time twice so far, brought my friends second time. We all had great time, the chairs are super comfortable, good coffee and very social atmosphere. Lots of fun for kids, the place has a great toy selection, nicely decorated – everything at a very affordable price.

— Rachel

My son loves it!
He is 3.5years old and he has been going to the center for about a year. Right now he is taking some classes and I am very happy with the results. The class combines Montessori methods, language with using smart board ( which my son loves), parachute time, , music class with a piano, where he learns keys, songs and music. They also do crafts and have active games. Kids also get a homework. For all of this I am paying only 20$!!! After the class kids can stay and play in a play area with a jumper. they have nice selection of books, craft/ dinning area. The TV is all the way in the back behind the jumper. Your children will watch it, if you let them.
This center is great for the parents who love their kids. Yes, you have to be there with your child and watch your child, read him a book or make a puzzle. The place is clean and there is no restroom, which I like. The food court is right across the walkway with restrooms, so there is no walking from the restroom straight to the play area.
The owners are nice and welcoming, always trying to help you to feel comfortable. You can ask for your child’s age appropriate things to do.
My son had his birthday there and everyone was happy!!! Everyone was surprised about the price for the time and all the activities we’d had!!!
Check out this place! Your kids will love it!

— Olya B